How To Apply?

Visit the BFC Payments website and fill the Corporate Registration Form available under WPS Portal.

1. Fill in the Company Name and its Legal Form (WLL, SPC, etc.)

2. Fill in the Registered Business Address. Also, fill in Trading Address if it is different from the Registered Business Address:

3. Fill in the details for the Contact Person:

4. Fill in the Incorporation Details:

5. Fill in the Regulatory Status (if applicable):

6. Fill in the details for the company owner’s who hole more than 20% stake in the company:

Use + icon on top left corner of the form section to enter multiple records.

7. Fill in the Power of Attorney details (if applicable):

8. Fill in details of Authorized Signatories:

Use + icon on top left corner of the form section to enter multiple records.

9. Fill in the information for Politically Exposed Persons (if applicable):

Are any beneficial owners, company directors or senior executives PEPs? (Individuals who are,

or have been, entrusted with prominent public functions such as heads of state or government,

senior politicians, senior government, judicial or military officials, senior executives of state

owned corporations or important political party officials.)

10. Briefly describe the Nature of Business:

11. Fill in the appropriate sections for types of services required:

12. Upload required documents in PDF format:

13. Please input the preferred date of first salary transfer using BFC Payments:

14. After filling on all required information in the form, click on SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form to submit your application.

15. After submission you will receive a Reference Number for any raising any further queries.

16. BFC Payments will then verify your application. Once the verification is done an email will be sent to your registered email address stating that the registration is provisionally approved subject to signing of the BFC Pay Corporate agreement.

17. BFC Payments sales team member will visit your office along with 2 copies of the BFC Pay Corporate agreement and discusses and finalizes the commercials for the program.

18. Once the commercials are agreed upon the same are then added to the BFC Pay Corporate Agreement and the agreement is signed by the approved signing authorities.

19. The signed agreement will then be verified by BFC Payments management.

20. Once approved you will receive the Login ID and temporary password along with the link for the BFC Pay Corporate Portal for completing the registration process.

21. You will then login to the BFC Pay Corporate Portal and change your password.

22. You are no ready for uploading the employee details for enrollment.